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Proavis Casmiriensibus ordinis Bhaṭṭa, matre etiam Casmiriensi, patre Mian Muhammad Sharif mercatore, alumnus est scholae Sancti Antonii et Collegii regiminis Lahorensis. Apud societatem commercialem paternalem operam dedit: praeses Camerae commercii et industriae Lahorensis anno 1985 electus est. Legatus multoties ab anno 1988 congressu provinciali Pengabensi et congressu nationali, dux contrariorum provincialium anno 1993 electus est sed mox Angliam petivit ad curam medicam perficiendam.


Treasurer of Lincoln cathedral from c. 1254 till his death (after 1267); to be distinguished from William de Monte, chancellor of Lincoln (d. 1213) and William of Durham (d. 1249), with both of whom he has often been confused. It is unproved that he taught Peter of Spain (Pope john xxi) in Paris, but his Introductiones in logicam are comparable in scope with Peter's more famous Summulae logicales; they seem to be earlier (first half of 13th century), and, like William's Syncategoremata, bear a trace of Paris. roger bacon esteemed him as "far wiser" than Albert the Great in respect of philosophia communis, i.e., logic (Op. tertium 2). No other works can be certainly ascribed to William, but M. Grabmann has conjectured that the treatises De insolubilibus, Obligationes, and Petitiones contrariorum that follow the former two in Cod. Lat. 16617 of the Bibliothèque Nationale are also his. This body of work, and even the assured part of it, gives clear witness to the fact that medieval logic had already received its characteristic form by the middle of the 13th century. W. and M. Kneale have discussed William's theory of supposition in some detail and in its historical context.

49. Namalia quoque sunt contrariorum genera, velut ea quae cum aliquo conferuntur, utduplum simplum, multa pauca, longum breve, maius minus. Sunt etiam illa valdecontraria quae appellantur negantia; ea épofatikå Graece, contraria aientibus:Si hoc est, illud non est. Quid enimopus exemplo est? Tantum intellegatur, in argumento quaerendo contrariisomnibus contraria non convenire. 041b061a72


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