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Buy Game Keys Online

Your reward for buying your next favourite PC Game from CDKeys is a simple promise from us to you. We promise to offer you the best action, horror, RPG, sports games, whatever.... at the lowest prices from platforms such as Steam, Origin, uPlay, and more, forever and ever!

buy game keys online

Rather than buying a physical game disc, many gamers are switching to digital game keys, or CD Keys. is the biggest online seller of PC Game Keys. A CD Key is a serial number you can enter into a platform to activate, or unlock, a PC game.

This is something we have been doing for many, many, years. We have long-standing relationships with our partners which enables us to buy PC keys for Steam, Origin and uPlay in bulk. Buying in bulk means we can negotiate better prices, and we then pass on the savings to customers like you!

When you're looking to purchase a video game online, you might come across sites which offer discounted game keys. These can save you money, so it would seem like a simple choice to buy a game through one of these websites.

However, there are things to bear in mind when buying discounted game keys online. Are the sites selling them legitimate? And are there any risks involved? In this article we explain everything you need to know before buying game keys.

Most games are bought online these days. Rather than going to a physical store, you log in to an online store such as Steam (see the best indie games to buy on Steam), Origin, or the Epic Games Store and buy the game digitally.

If you purchase a game using a different method, you may be given a game key---a serial number consisting of a string of letters and numbers. You enter this key into the relevant store, and the game appears in your library.

Additionally, if you search online, you'll find many sites which are not officially affiliated with game stores offering game keys for purchase. These game keys are usually much cheaper than it would be to buy the game through the official store. Many people are tempted by this cheap way to access games, even if it is unofficial.

One of the most popular sites for buying game keys is You can also purchase game keys from other retailers like cheapestgamecards or gamekeydiscounter, or on auction sites like eBay. These are all unofficial resellers, so their status and reputation is murky. Hence us not linking out to them.

There are also official and approved resellers of game keys though, such as Humble Bundle. This site has agreements with game publishers to sell game keys for a discounted price in bundles and through its store, with a portion of the proceeds going to charity.

Often, a reseller site will buy up cheap keys in batches through the Humble Bundle or during a Steam sale. They'll then sell these keys on to customers. Sometimes, sites say that they are not actually selling anything---they are only a platform on which sellers can interact with buyers.

Whether or not this is legal depends on the End User Licence Agreements (EULAs) put in place by distributors like Steam. Steam says in its user agreement that you can't resell keys, so buying keys for cheap during the sale and selling them afterwards is clearly against their T&Cs.

So if the law isn't clearly against buying game keys, then what's the issue? The biggest problem is the reliability of the keys. You may purchase keys from a store and find they work just fine. Only later, the game will stop working. This happens when publishers catch on to suspicious keys being used and cancel the keys.

Also, as the purchaser of a game key you may get in trouble if the key in question was stolen or otherwise obtained illegally. At worst, your account for a store like Steam might be deactivated. Then you'd lose access to all of your games. This isn't very likely to happen, but it is a possibility.

Another potential issue is with regionalization. Sellers of game keys can buy the keys cheaply when they are low priced in one region. Then they can sell the keys in regions where the costs of the games is higher than average, such as Australia. But if you buy a key that isn't valid for your region, you may not be able to use the game.

Most stores have systems in place to detect which region you are located in. If you're in the US, for example, and you try to use a key from China, it may not work. Or you might be able to play the game, but all of the settings and menus will be in Chinese.

Finally, game developers generally do not support the purchasing of game keys. When you purchase a key, none of that money goes to the people who made the game. For example, on the Mode 7 Blog, developer Paul Kilduff-Taylor has written about the problems that the reselling of keys cause for developers. If you care about supporting game developers you may want to opt out of purchasing game keys.

For example, if you wanted to buy an Ubisoft game like Assassin's Creed, you can look on the Ubisoft website and check whether the reseller you're considering using is approved. Here, you'll see that sites like Green Man Gaming, Humble Bundle, and Amazon are authorized to sell Ubisoft game keys and are safe to buy from.

You can also look on deal review sites like Is There Any Deal or Cheap Shark which collect prices for games. You can search for the game you want to buy and use the site to hunt down a legitimate key.

With so many illegitimate key sellers out there, you need to be careful when purchasing one. Buying an illegitimate key could mean you lose access to your game, get your account suspended, or even have your credit card details stolen. However, there are legitimate sellers out there, and you can definitely save money on games by using these trusted sites.

However, even when buying from a legitimate seller there are reasons you might want to buy a physical copy of a game instead. To learn more about this subject, see our list of reasons to stop buying games on Steam.

Activate your cheap CD keys with us as we often have the best prices as well as great offers. Find cheap games with low key prices, get your activation code immediately, download them and enjoy your new video games!

Another way, at first glance perfectly legal, to save money on games is to buy an activation key in an unofficial store. Prices there are usually lower than they are on official sites, attracting penny-pinching gamers like bees to honey.

Anyway, the main point of paying for games is to support the developers so that they can maintain multiplayer servers and create new games and sequels. If you buy a stolen key, the money goes straight to the thieves and the developer gets nothing.

In addition, cybercriminals sometimes create fake game pages, either by setting up a separate site or on Steam itself. If you accidentally land on a fake page, you risk getting infected and losing your account, so be sure to check everything carefully.

Take your gaming experience to the next level with Noctre! Our wide selection of games includes something for everyone. Shop for popular titles like Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Hero's Hour, theHunter: Call of the Wild, and even gain Resident Evil Village Steam Badges! We have it all.

Find the best digital game keys for PC, Mac, and Linux at unbeatable prices. With instant delivery and an official digital retailer guarantee, you can be sure that you are getting your money's worth when purchasing from our store. Our mission is to bring your favorite games to you without breaking the bank or compromising on quality.

Have you ever looked at some of the prices on game keys sites and wondered why the keys are so cheap? Like most people, you've probably been overlooking such platforms because the deals seem just too good to be true. But if you understood how game key sites work, you'd know that this couldn't be further from the truth.

The rest of this article will delve into the intricacies of how game key sites work, why the keys are so cheap when they are legit, and what happens when you purchase a key from such platforms (especially if it's invalid). Let's dive right in.

Contrary to common belief, game key sites do not make the keys themselves, and neither are they the actual sellers. Instead, they operate as platforms that bring willing sellers and buyers together to facilitate a sale. So when you purchase a game key through G2A, for instance, you buy from one of the many sellers on the platform, not G2A itself.

First off, the keys are totally legit because they all come from game developers and publishers: no one else can generate them. The difference is all in the way they end up on the game key sites, which brings us to the subject of the type of sellers you will encounter on such platforms.

Sometimes, game developers and publishers generate and sell keys in bulk to wholesalers. And by bulk, we mean hundreds of thousands of keys, and sometimes even millions. For this reason, Wholesalers are responsible for the majority of the keys sold on game key sites.

Every bit of the purchase transaction is done by the book, so it doesn't hurt the developers. After buying the keys from developers and publishers, wholesalers may decide to directly put them up on sale on game key sites or resell keys to online retailers and bundle sites. The bundle sites may then sell the keys on game key sites or to individuals.

Retailers also account for a significant chunk of the keys sold on game key sites. This seller category includes online stores and bundles sites, and the volume of keys they account for lies somewhere between that of individual sellers and wholesalers.

Retailers mainly get their keys from two places: game developers and wholesalers. A smaller number of retailers purchase game keys from low-cost regions (mostly Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, and sometimes Russia) and resell them to richer countries through game key sites.

Individual sellers are regular users like you who have a couple of unused keys they would like to turn into extra cash. They get their keys from various sources: bundles purchased from bundle sites and online stores, gifts, and giveaways from social media contests. Since the keys sold by individuals can be traced back to developers and publishers, they are legit. 041b061a72


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