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Kendrick Lamar New Album Best Buy __HOT__

It was on a rainy October 22 night that my life changed after leaving the student publication building, deflated after an editorial disagreement with a student editor. I was a volunteer staff writer for the school paper then. Following a pep talk from the paper's advisor who doubled as my news writing professor to "write about the things I was most passionate about," my best friend Brodrick eagerly called and told me, "Mark, in the car, we're going to Best Buy! The album's out!"

kendrick lamar new album best buy

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While most of his influencers and predecessors like Mos Def, 2Pac, DMX, and MC Eiht to name a few, have all earned notable record sales, Billboard chart rankings, and critical praise, they were never fully embraced within the mainstream music machine between radio (excluding obvious exceptions) and notoriously, the Recording Academy. Despite losing the award for best rap album at the 2014 Grammy Awards to Macklemore's "The Heist," Lamar went on to win 13 Grammys, eight BMI Awards, six Billboard Awards, and 17 ASCAP awards.

This is the album that deservedly launched the prog-rockers into the foreground. It shows the band's out-of-this-world chops, namely in the form of intricate song structures, plenty of pace, and a jumpy style of rock very much informed by the limitlessness of jazz. It's also where one of the best songs in all of prog-rock lives in the multi-faceted I've Seen All Good People. Every song feels like an amazing juggling act of highly organized multi-tasking mayhem.

The greatest record by Fleetwood Mac and easily one of the best albums of the 70s, Tusk demonstrates the very coolest soft rock has to offer. While not the commercial success that Rumours was, this album is beloved by audiophiles for its many subtleties, from post-punk influences to avant-pop sensibilities. The production is clean and intricate, giving your ears lots of candy to munch on over the course of its nearly 75-minute playtime.

Ask a music professor what their favorite jazz album of all time is and the majority will say Kind of Blue. This incredible record glides effortlessly despite being immensely complex. It demonstrates the absolute coolness that Davis exuded, not just as a musician, but as a man and a massive stage (or studio) presence. Released in 1959, it remains untouchable in terms of modal jazz and its creative liberties. Davis is famous for getting the best out of his musicians while allowing them all kinds of freedom and this record cements that.

Yup, a 2018 album can certainly be on the list, especially when you're Kamasi Washington. The saxophonist and brilliant orchestrator is behind some of the best, most thought-provoking instrumental music out there today and it fares extremely well in vinyl form. This album in particular is grand and orchestral, just the thing for a spin on the old turntable. It's an odyssey each and every time, like a nowadays jazz take on Dark Side of the Moon (which you should obviously also listen to on vinyl).

Bowie's discography is marvelous from start to finish but there's something both glorious and haunting about his final work. Black Star is the ultimate mic drop, a gorgeous parting statement from one of rock 'n' roll's most towering and fluid figures. It eulogizes his passing with immortal sounds that will fill up "best of" lists fifty and a hundred years from now. We don't need to get into Bowie's prior work because we all know how special it was. But to go out this way is utterly graceful. He earned every right to phone in his last album but instead he did the opposite.

This debut album from heady U.K. act King Crimson is nothing short of extraordinary. As such, it deserves much more than a free Spotify stream. Falling miraculously somewhere right smack-dab in the middle of blues, rock, jazz, and cinema, the album feels progressive even today, more than a half-century after it was released. It's classic rock, for certain, but with a careful ear, you'll detect all kinds of outside influences. And that kind of nuance is best enjoyed by way of vinyl and multiple listening parties.

With the above two dozen vinyl albums at your disposal, you'll be listening to the best music in the very best format. And while you're diving deep into tunes, consider our best music podcasts list and our best workout podcasts list. Need a means of playing those vinyl records? Here's how to find the right record player. Happy listening. 041b061a72


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