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Buying A Used Fitbit Charge 2 _BEST_

We got ours working after 8 days of hassle. Haha. The previous owner did her part by deleting the device. She and I both contacted fitbit and followed all recommended protocol. She ended up deleted her account entirely and it had to be processed. Once it was processed my charge 2 finally worked!

buying a used fitbit charge 2

Question. I am a Jazzercise instructor and am interested in something like the fitbit charge 2. Though I would end up wearing it most of the time the thing I want it most for is to monitor my heart rate during class. Most classes start with a warm up then we increase our heart rate with each song, stay at the peak for about 12 minutes, then bring it back down. This cardio section lasts for about 40 minutes. Then we do strength routines for about 20 minutes. Class takes place indoors so weather is not an issue. But it is dance exercise so our arms move around a lot and do a variety of things, everything from punching, engaging them at our sides, swinging, pumping, etc. I tried on the Garmin Vivofit Smart as well as the fitbit charge 2 and found the fitbit charge 2 to be more comfortable. However, I was wondering if you had an opinion on which one you think would give a more accurate heart rate description for the kind of work out I do. Though it would be great to know exactly why my heart rate is during class, I know optical HR sensors are not fully accurate. I am more concerned about the device being able to accurately capture the changes in my heart rate.

on the resting heart rate, i spent a long time exchanging emails with fitbit support trying to get them to clarify what their RHR values actually are and hence what they mean. i got all the generic and contradictory responses and eventually got something very vague but reading between the lines a bit it was clear that they use both sleep and awake readings and some sort of averaging or complex equation across the day to derive a value. they absolutely refused to give any indication of what that calculation might be. so it is not RHR by any conventional definition. typical fitbit doing it their way with little regard to informing or listening to their customers!

I thought im gonna buy fitbit charge2, but you said that the hrm doesnt work well during workout (hiit). So i have to consider again to buy it because I focus on accurate hrm. And i find that mio fuse does it well. But isnt it a old device? or are there any fitness tracker to buy nowaday?

We often get asked by customers what happens to their Fitbit once sold to SellCell. The buyback partners on SellCell are specialists in buying and selling used electronics, including Fitbits. These companies specialise in second hand/ used devices and know how to refurbish them when they receive them or dispose of them to environmentally friendly standards. Where possible these devices will be sold onto a new owner either in the US or in International markets. Many of the buyback companies have their own website for pre-owned devices and once refurbished this is where your Fitbit may be sold. 041b061a72


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