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Nfs4 High Stakes Serial Number

Unlike the PlayStation version of the game, the Microsoft Windows version features a Career mode that organizes all of the game's pre-set events into tiers.[8] Each tier consists of a number of Tournament or Knockout events and may include a High Stakes race, where the player must bet their car against a computer-controlled opponent.[9] If the player wins a High Stakes race, they can then sell or use the loser's car to progress through the Career mode.[10] When a tier is completed, more challenging ones are gradually unlocked. Completing the most challenging tiers generally requires players to purchase and upgrade expensive cars.[8] The Microsoft Windows version also includes an online multiplayer mode, allowing players from two different computers to play together via modem or serial link, or up to eight players to race against each other over a local area network or the internet.[11]

Nfs4 High Stakes Serial Number


The Microsoft Windows version was developed by EA Seattle,[22] a studio based in Bellevue, Washington.[23] It supports both 3D acceleration and software rendering,[22] and features several graphical improvements over its PlayStation counterpart.[24] For example, cars are rendered with a higher number of polygons.[25] Other enhancements include detailed 3D dashboards that light up during night time driving and individual headlight output with both high and low beams.[24] At EA Seattle, using die-cast cars was a common practice for artists to determine how polygonal models should be integrated into the game, while trips to visit automakers in Europe were often arranged to collect reference material.[23] The Microsoft Windows version also includes nine extra tracks from Hot Pursuit and allows players to alternatively listen to an audio CD of their choice during gameplay.[22] The game went gold,[26] and was released on June 18, 1999.[27] Shortly after its release, additional cars were made available for players to download via the Electronic Arts and Need for Speed websites. These include the Ferrari 360 Modena,[28] the Lister Storm, the Aston Martin DB7,[29] and the Jaguar XJR-15.[30]

i cannot give guarantee for proper work, but this is the way i can run these games now in fast and high 3D settings grafics with full use of my NVIDIA 870m GPU (Laptop) I dont know if i made some mistakes, then just tell me please, i just see now that the games are proper working in beautiful graphics and without Bugs or Crashes.


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