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Where To Buy Tula Skin Care PATCHED

I wanted the chance to see real results before I went praising or criticizing the products. It can (and usually does) take some time before you can truly tell how a skincare product will work for you.

where to buy tula skin care


Overall, I think the majority of Tula skincare products live up to the hype. But, with that being said, there are a few items I find that are overpriced and can likely be replaced with cheaper alternatives.

Founded in 2014 by Dr. Roshini Raj, Tula is all about creating clean, effective skincare for everyone. After 20 years of studying the power of probiotics, Dr. Raj realised they had an impact not only on how people feel but also how their skin looks. The brand is on a mission to make you feel your best and help you achieve your best skin yet, with their clinically-tested and proven formulas. Tula crafts probiotic skincare that will help repair and restore your skin microbiome and barrier, to help you achieve healthy, glowing skin.

After enduring these past few months of the harsh winter, we can finally see spring on the horizon. But as the seasons change, you might notice your skin changing too. Whether you are aiming to unlock hydration for a dewy glow, targeting blemishes, or wanting to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Tula is here to help with its Presidents Day skincare sale.

Now through Monday, February 20, Tula is offering 30% off select skincare products, including a firming moisturizer, revitalizing eye cream, anti-aging serum, and even the bestselling Pro-Glycolic Resurfacing Treatment Toner.

Healthy skin is key to keeping your face glowing all year long, so save on skincare products that are infused with probiotics specifically formulated to keep your skin's ecosystem healthy. Ahead, get glowing and shop our favorite skincare from the Tula Presidents Day Sale.

This pH balancing and resurfacing treatment gel features a blend of probiotic extracts and glycolic acid to powerfully, yet gently exfoliate, helping your skincare absorb better to leave skin looking smooth.

WHO: Co-founded in 2014 by Dr. Roshini Raj, a board-certified gastroenterologist and internist with a medical degree from New York University's School of Medicine; Ken Landis, a co-founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics; and Dan Reich, a tech entrepreneur, Tula's groundbreaking approach to skincare leverages the power of probiotics to improve the overall health and appearance of the skin.

This is another product I am hooked on! TULA came out with the original Glow & Get It stick (the blue one), and I was obsessed. It is a stick that you apply underneath your eyes (after eye cream but before makeup) and it has a slight tingly sensation that wakes your under eyes up and gives a pretty brightening sheen to your under eyes. I like to describe it as caffeine for your under eyes! I used this blue stick religiously until they came out with the Rose Glow & Get It (the pink one)! Both sticks do the same thing, but the rose one has a pink tint, while the blue stick has a more blue tint. I prefer the pinky tones of the rose stick because I find that more flattering on my skin tone. I have never found another product like this, and it is a step I never skip in my morning skincare routine.

I hope you enjoyed learning about my top 10 favorite products from TULA Skincare! I am very passionate about skincare because I used to struggle with my skin, and I know the insecurities that come with bad skin. TULA has completely transformed my skin, so I love their products SO much.

Tula was co-founded in 2014 by Dr Roshini Raj, a gastroenterologist and internist, Ken Landis, co-founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and Dan Reich, a tech entrepreneur. The brand sells probiotic skincare.

Founded by Dr. Roshini Raj, Tula is an innovative skincare brand formulated with probiotic extracts, superfoods and other clean, powerful and high-quality ingredients to help balance your skin. All ingredients used in their products are safe and effective.

Whether you have dry skin or oily skin, TULA Skincare can help mitigate your targeted areas and make you feel refreshed. The brand even offers a sweet range of facial sunscreens, moisturizers with SPF and lip balms.

Now through Wednesday, September 28, Tula is hosting a sitewide sale with 20% off all skincare products when you use coupon code SAVE20 at checkout. You can scoop best-selling cleansers, powerful toner pads, skincare bundles and so much more.

One top-rated Tula skincare product for acne-prone skin is the Tula 3-in-1 Acne cleanser, mask & spot treatment, currently 20% off with coupon code SAVE20, bringing the price down from $38 to $30.40. This innovative formula works as a daily facial cleanser, a face mask or a spot treatment for surprise blemishes. Made with sulfur to prevent acne and willowbark and green tea to purify and soothe the skin, this multi-functional skincare product is a must-have for sensitive skin.

If you're looking for a hydrating face mask to help rejuvenate your skin during the bustle of the holiday season, consider the Tula Nourishing face mask. Packed with ceramides, probiotic extracts and superfoods, this soothing mask with leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and glowing. Try it as a face mask during a few moments of self-care, leave it on overnight or apply as a serum during the day. Normally $48, use coupon code SAVE20 and snag this face mask for just $38.40.

To read more about the influencer marketing strategies spelling success for top skincare brands, and access data and insights on beauty and fashion brands in the U.S. and EMEA, download our November 2021 Tribe Top 10 report.

I started using the Tula skincare line in April 2019 for about five months, ended up switching to a different skincare line, and then switched back to Tula in early 2020 and have been using ever since.

What TULA learned about their own shopping experience, their site design, and how their customers react to even the smallest of changes could be an invaluable roadmap for other skincare and beauty merchants looking to overcome the challenges of their highly competitive industry.

Dr. Roshini Raj always planned on a career in medicine. As the daughter of two doctors, she had an early interest in science, but she was also taught from a young age of the importance of helping people. With medicine as the perfect marriage of the two, her path was clear, and she made her way to Harvard for undergrad then medical school at NYU, where she now practices as a gastroenterologist.

In skincare, the demand for clean skincare is growing rapidly. People want to know what ingredients are being included in their skincare products and they are knowledgeable about the benefits they bring. We are seeing ingestibles and supplements become a larger part of the beauty industry.

TULA Skincare is a successful, DTC native, social-first skincare company that creates clean, effective, top-ranked skincare products featuring Probiotics & Superfoods. They have built a fast-growing business in a crowded space by tapping into social media and gained traction as a top Prestige Skincare brand at Ulta with a growing and loyal following.

We are also leaning in on bringing our brand to life in-store and online. Not only have we expanded our B&M presence, but we will also continue this, with refreshed merchandising that tells our brand story throughout the store and makes it easy for the prestige customer, the skincare curious customer, or our brand loyalists to shop and navigate through without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated.

That's where the Tula Skincare Major Glow Mask ($35) stepped up to the plate. The gel mask contains probiotics to help calm inflammation and papaya and citrus to smooth and brighten the skin. After sitting out in the cold for two nights in a row, my skin looked dull and lifeless (despite the extensive team of illuminating products I had packed on my face) and could really use some calming and brightening ingredients.

This warm-toned, radiant primer from TULA Skincare is packed with chia seeds, turmeric, probiotics, and other skin-friendly ingredients that nourish, balance, and smoothen your skin. Chia seeds increase skin luminosity, turmeric reduces inflammation and redness, and probiotics lock in skin moisture.

The TULA Skincare Hydrating Day & Night Cream deeply hydrates and revives dull, tired skin. It contains watermelon extracts and squalene that deeply hydrate the skin. The naturally derived rice nutripeptides in the cream nourish the skin and strengthen its barrier, while the probiotics lock in moisture to balance the skin.

The So Polished Exfoliating Sugar Scrub from TULA Skincare is a gentle natural sugar face scrub. It deep cleans the pores and eliminates dead skin cells, excess oil, and buildup without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

The TULA Skincare Dual-Phase Skin Reviving Treatment Pads provide both physical and chemical exfoliation to your skin without taking much time. The pads contain cotton fibers that buff away the debris and dead cells on the skin surface. The lactic acid and papaya fruit extract exfoliate the skin and make it brighter and smoother. Willow bark extract and witch hazel clear pores and remove excess oil, while probiotics lock in moisture and make your skin smooth. These pads are suitable for normal, dry, oily, combination, and mature skin.

This Aqua Infusion Oil-free Gel Cream from TULA Skincare is like a burst of hydration for dry skin. It is lightweight, moisturizing, and reduces redness and irritation. It contains pear extract and probiotics that lock in skin moisture and provide long-lasting hydration.

The TULA Skincare Detox In A Jar Exfoliating Treatment Mask is a bentonite clay-based mask that gently exfoliates the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. The lactic acid derived from fruits provides gentle exfoliation and revives dull skin. Turmeric root reduces inflammation, while blueberry extract hydrates the skin and makes it even-toned. 041b061a72


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