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Buy Tv Stand Toronto

For in-stock orders, standard shipping is an estimated 2-4 weeks in transit.For custom orders lead time is an estimated 24-26 weeks, this estimated time frame is an all-encompassing lead time from the start of production to delivery. For more information about our Custom Order Policy, please see the Store Policy page here.Standard shipping includes a delivery to the threshold, described as the "first dry area or garage", or lobby/service area of a high-rise building. For White Glove delivery shipping is an estimated 2-5 weeks in transit. White Glove service includes a delivery appointment inside delivery up to 1 flight of stairs, placement, and removal of large packaging materials. If you are considering a return please request to keep the packaging.

buy tv stand toronto

This TV stand 70" has a modern design with ample storage space. Made of premium manufactured wood, it has a contemporary look with clean lines and square feet. It features open shelving, as well as two hidden compartments that are perfect for stashing DVDs, board games, electronics, and media accessories. Not only does this tv stand bring style to your home, but it also adds organizational appeal with two cabinets with shelves. Cable management cutouts ensure access to outlets without cords getting tangled.

Bring a streamlined style to your living room or den with this stand. this features three tiers of shelving on sleek PVC posts. The shelves easily accommodate your cable box, entertainment console, and A/V accessories, while their open backs are great for running cables through.

The TV stand consists of two separate L-shaped parts that can be extended from 55 inches to 75 inches, making it very suitable for most TV sizes. The TV cabinet provides ample storage space for TV boxes, routers, DVD players, audio and video equipment, etc.

Fusing fashion with function, this TV stand is the ultimate focal point for your living room look or den ensemble. It recommended for a 32 - 46-in TV and includes a cabinet and two open shelves for keeping DVDs and media players. Brimming with mid-century style, its frame features a clean-lined silhouette and angled legs all finished in a two-tone finish for an extra dash of distinction. Crafted from manufactured wood and solid wood legs, this piece measures 25.8'' H x 43'' W x 14.17'' D.

This TV stand features sliding barn-door design, and open shelf space in the middle. The cable management cutouts will keep your audio and video cables clean and tidy. Its ranch rustic style would perfectly match your current decor. Elevate your living room as well as your TV set with this beautiful TV stand.

This rustic TV stand will be the best storage solution for your living room. Designed with industrial elegance and rigid metal, this TV Stand for TVs up to 55" is suitable for a variety of decoration styles. 2 tiers of storage shelves can be a perfect place for DVDs, a loudspeaker, game console, remote controls, vase or anything you like. Besides, the curved-edge design of this entertainment stand will effectively prevent accidental injury for every pick. 4 adjustable feet can provide a better stability to protect the collectibles or everyday necessities by prevent shaking.

Consider the type of equipment you have when you are mapping out your new stand. Will your remotes need to see the electronics to work? Most electronics still use infrared eyes to receive remote signals. Rather than having to open cabinet doors every time you watch TV, consider a stand with darkened glass doors (or spaced wooden slats) that let that remote signal through.

Also, the wider the TV stand, the more structural support it needs to stay in shape. Heavy TVs and amplifiers will bow wooden stands without rigid construction and, no matter how slick your stand, a sagging center is not a good look. Glass stands tend to hold their shape better, so if your display is a true behemoth, that may be the way to go.

Some stands offer a mounting bracket so the TV appears to float. These stands minimize the need for surface area and can be much smaller than conventional entertainment centers. If you are converting a wall-mounted TV to one that will sit on the furniture, but you lost the stand or legs that came in the box, there are universal TV stands that attach to the VESA mounting holes on the back of a TV.

Keeping all this in mind, you should have no problem picking the perfect TV stand that will last you for years to come, even if the screen that sits on top (and the tech that fits within) is continually changing.

This type of TV stand usually allows you to manage cables at the rear. There are holes in back panels in certain stands. While this helps cables to run through the back panel, you will see wiring from side angles, since the cables will hang out of the back of the central column.

Some other compelling reason to choose a mount-style stand is the fact that your TV would be mounted above the shelves instead of sitting on the top shelf for models that have the shelves for your equipment below.

Most TV mount stands have an extra small shelf added to the main pole that is meant to be used for a speaker in the center. This can be especially helpful because putting a speaker in the middle can also be a challenge in certain installations.

Whether you need a wall mount tv stand or stand brackets, you can shop for them here. You can find many types of rustic, traditional, contemporary, and as well as fireplace stands that will admire you with their elegance, functionality, and simplicity.

Showcase your decor in modern style and find the perfect home for your TV with this 52-inch TV stand. Featuring a gorgeous painted finish and sleek metal legs, this contemporary console also includes cable management holes to help keep your entertaining space tidy and clutter-free. Use the open shelving to store your electronic devices and adjustable shelving behind tempered glass doors to organize your collectibles and media accessories. This entertainment center will look sleek in your living room with its subtle metal details.

As an alternative to a wall-mounted television, companies developed mount TV stands, which are essentially traditional TV stands with an incorporated bracket giving a similar look to a wall-mounted TV.

Floor TV stand offers an improved viewing experience with adjustable height and angle. It also provides better organization with added storage space, easy movement with wheels or casters, and aesthetic appeal, complementing your decor.

At FITUEYES, we've specialized in designing and purveying audiovisual equipment and office supplies since 2005. Our floor TV stands including Eiffel Series, Collector Series, Picasso Series, Master Series, and Zen Series with simplistic and aesthetic design, provide a new free audio-visual experience for thousands of families around the world.

TV Floor Stands: The TV Floor stands have a channel in the column and comes with shrink bands, it can collect the messy cables allows everything looks perfect. By the way, sturdy black bracket and base make stable and looks cool.

Corner TV Stands: The corner TV stands not only meets the need of saving space, but also achieves a good home decor. And our Eiffel series is a great representative of this category, you can buy with confidence.

Rolling TV Stands: Traditional TV stands do not have the feature of being movable, but our rolling TV stands innovatively build the mobility. You can move our rolling TV stand to any position at will to meet your various needs.

Swivel TV Stands: The swivel TV stands are another extension of the function of the TV stands. It will be more ergonomically with the angle you watch the TV screen to achieve the most comfortable TV viewing effect.

Table Top TV Stands: No need to take up additional space, Just a FITUEYES Tabletop TV stand, you can firmly put your TV on the TV cabinet. No need to punch holes, easy installation, with rotation, pitch, and height adjustment functions, Meet your needs of different sizes.

TV Stands With Mounts: This is a new TV stands solution. The double-tube base design solves the instability problem of the product's singletube base and makes the product stronger. In addition, the silent wheels with brake castors make the product more stable and safer when moving.

Media Stands: Specially designed for multimedia equipment. Large-capacity storage space can meet the storage needs of various multimedia equipment. With a stable structure and high - quality materials. The FITUEYES Media stands wil be an ideal member of your audio - visual space. At the same time, it can also be matched with the FITUEYES desktop TV stand to place your TV firmly and securely on the Media stands.

Choose by TV Size: When choosing a TV stand, you can refer to our recommended TV size to choose, which can ensure the maximum effect of our TV stand, but you can also install other size TVs under VESA conditions.

Choose by TV VESA: There is a universal VESA standard for TV stands. Our TV stands are designed according to the universal VESA standard. It will meet the needs of most TVs on the market. You can compare the Size Chart on our product details page to make purchase choices.

Choose by TV Brands: Our TV stands have been tested for matching TVs of mainstream brands on the market, and you can make quick purchases based on our recommended TV brands and matching TV stands.

Scenarios for TV Stands: We have listed some recommended TV stands in different scenarios. These TV stands will be more suitable for the corresponding scenarios. At the same time, you can also check the scene reference pictures to meet your needs in different scenarios.

Style Ideas for TV Stands: Different home decoration styles match different TV stands. Our TV stands are designed with different styles, so we will recommend you the corresponding TV stands in terms of style. 041b061a72


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