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"Six Feet Under" It's The Most Wonderful Time O... [HOT]

The list of guest stars this show has enjoyed over the years is truly amazing, from the cast of Seinfeld to standouts like Ben Stiller, David Schwimmer, Gina Gershon, Martin Scorsese, Michael J. Fox and Bill Buckner. Sure, some episodes are better than others, but the sheer act of watching Curb for 30 minutes on a Sunday night is sometimes the one thing I look forward to most in a given week. Maybe that says more about me and where I'm at in my life, but maybe it's one of the few shows on TV that is actually worth the hype. There are episodes of Curb that have me laughing from start to finish, and not only is the show extremely rewatchable, but it's also endlessly quotable. How many things started on Curb? Respect for wood. The stop-and-chat. The long stare into someone's eyes to see if they're lying. Curb Your Enthusiasm is pretty, pretty, pretty good if you ask me! - Jeff Sneider

"Six Feet Under" It's the Most Wonderful Time o...


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