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this plugin allows that user to access task based on the email id sent. for example, user enters email and task name as resume in his/her email. this plugin will automatically send the email containing task name resume.



  • shivajithemanagementgurupdfdownload documentation: frame

  • frame request

  • frame request (retrieve)

  • frame request (retrieve (cover pages))

  • frame request (certificate verify)

  • frame request (image download)

  • frame response

  • frame response (download certificate)

  • frame response (certificate download)

the frame package deals with the request and response to a "frame" operation. the official definition for a frame is "postmethod form data." the term "form data" here refers to the data fields in a post request. this package does not try to find and/or validate the fields within the form data.

frame requests are the only frame responses that require authentication. the authentication flow begins with a tag in the request and ends with a tag in the response. a framerequest is placed in the request at the same place that a postmethod is placed in the http request.

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