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Welcome to Tickles & Giggles Daycare Services! Before immigrating to Canada in 2014, I was a licensed kindergarten and pre-school teacher (having graduated with a Bachelor of Education in Child Development) for more than 15 years in my former country of England.  Childhood education has always been my passion; I continued this profession in Canada... first as a manager of a Saskatoon-based non-profit childcare center for four years... then after moving to Montreal in 2018 as an "English nanny" for several francophone and anglophone professional families for three years...  before deciding to open and operate my own daycare.

I offer a great daycare in the heart of the city, one where your children are loved and cared for, safe, nurtured, and provided a fun, engaged environment. My philosophy is to help them discover their talents and interests, to teach them needed communication skills, and to advance their developmental areas.

Contact me for more information. I look forward to meeting you!

- Caroline Murphy, Owner


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Babies & Infants

We ensure your infant thrives in an environment of attention (lots), playful affection and interaction, and all in a rich language experience.

Little Toddlers

Toddlers are "little explorers", and our environment and activities offer them so much to discover and learn new things every day.

English Language Environment

Your child will experience English in our environment, and we practice a variety of fun and educational activities to stimulate learning (and using) this language from an early age.

Infants and toddlers need structured learning and "play with a purpose", and we break-up each day into so many activities to enable our little ones a variety of life-starting experiences.

Structured Activities

Mobility & Creative Play

Our daycare is full of toys, games, and tools designed for children to grasp and release, handle and explore, and to even create something out of them. 

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is an important part of childhood, and we are all about seeing our little ones outside - come rain or sunshine, summer or winter, outside getting fresh air and exploring nature in structure learning activities and free-time play.

Reading Time

We read to our infants and toddlers as often as possible, and schedule reading times each day so your child learns the magic of books to develop their imagination and communication skills.

Music Development

We include "instrument playtime" to use music to help develop a little one's brain's creativity, memory retention, calming mechanisms, overall emotional/spiritual well-being, and early appreciation to music.

Meals & Snacks

We offer optional healthy breakfasts and lunches plus nutritious snacks daily, and teach good table habits and socializing over a meal. We work with parents whose children have dietary needs (allergies, vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, religious and cultural/societal beliefs, etc.).

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If you are stuck for time, drop off a basket of your child's laundry in the morning, and we will have it ready when you come at the end of the day to pick up your child!

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